SJETA Dept’s scholarship mess

Dear Editor,
The matters concerning umbrella scholarship that falls under the SJETA department is never ending, every year it is the same scenario, they delay the release of funds, break their own deadlines for unknown reasons as if they purposely intend on harassing students to a level where the students give up.
The session for which the scholarship amount was to be provided has expired, admissions for new academic session has started and the funds are still not disbursed. They gave a deadline to selected students to submit their documents and now they have extended it when they promised to disburse the funds before 30th July. 10th July is the new date for submission of the required documents which indicates it will take another month or so for us to avail what is rightfully ours after all the hassles. It is funny that the new forms for this session will be out soon and yet issues of last academic session are surfacing rapidly.
We understand that official works take time and have plenty of complications but every year it is the same scenario. Why are students deprived off of their rights? SJETA department is liable to explain the causes of the same.
A student