Does the syllabus really matter for APPSC exam?

Dear Editor,
I, one of the aspirants of APCS, would like to share through your daily about my experience in the last Prelim exam.
This time, I was quite optimistic and somewhere I was hoping that I might get through as I devoted a huge time preparing for the same keeping other stuff aside. But I was shocked and annoyed when I saw the Paper-II as plenty of questions (around 50) were out of syllabus. Those questions belonged to Mains’ syllabus whereas this was Prelim exam and there is a separate syllabus for Prelims. So, it was like we sat for Hindi exam but questions were of English subject. My point here is; what is the point of preparing a separate syllabus for Prelims and Mains if this is the case? They should invest their money elsewhere instead of wasting it in preparing syllabuses, which are of no use. And I must say that the paper setter is a genius of nowhere. God knows what he wanted to prove by setting questions which had no place in the syllabus at all. It seemed that he could not even understand the syllabus properly. Moreover, it is also pretty obvious that no crosschecking has been done by the Commission.
I, eventually, would request the Commission to please quit playing such filthy games with us and try to understand how helpless and eager we are to get employed. Though everyone can’t get employed in one go but everyone deserves a fair chance and there should always be a healthy competition. We are tired of this casual approach of Commission and always end-up complaining and placing our grievances, however, it is entirely up to the Commission if they incorporate our grievances or not.
On a positive note, I hope they do not repeat the same in the days to come and they must show some seriousness when they take up some matter, be it competitive exams or something else.
A Frustrated Candidate