Illegal timber trade running unhindered in boundary area

RUKSIN, Jul 31: A team of Assam forest officials led by Jonai Deputy Ranger Hiren Medok conducted a drive against illegal timber supply along the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh boundary and seized a timber-laden Shaktiman truck along with a huge quantity of sawn timber near the Ruksin gate in East Siang district on Sunday morning.
The truck driver escaped from the scene during the raid, and nobody has claimed the property so far.
The foresters have information that the sawn timber were supplied from East Siang district and were meant to be transported through Assam without valid documents.
The truck, which is without a number plate, is presently in the Jonai forest department’s custody. The officials there have requested the district transport officers of Dhemaji and East Siang to trace the owner of the truck. The Dhemaji DFO has been apprised of the seizure.
The value of the seized sawn timber is estimated to around Rs 60,000. Finger has been pointed towards a local timber trader from Assam, who lives near Ruksin gate and was earlier caught several times by foresters for indulging in illegal timber supply.
The foresters, however, have not yet charged anybody in this regard.
Foresters of both the states have seized huge quantities of timber being illegally supplied from Arunachal Pradesh to Dhemaji on earlier occasions too, and booked a number of persons involved in illegal timber trade.