Adi Agom Kennana books distributed

ITANAGAR, Aug 12: The Adi Agom Kæcopy;bang (AAK) has published Adi Agom Kennana (Books I, II, III) for Classes 6, 7 and 8 (2018-19 session) and distributed them in Adi-inhabited areas of Namsai, Lower Dibang Valley (LDV), Siang, East Siang and Upper Siang districts.
“This is in continuation to the promotion of Adi Agom, Adi Agom Kennana, as third language as per government approval of 1st March, 2001,” a release from the AAK said.
The Adi Agom Kennana books are published in self-developed Tani script (modified Roman script) through software developed by RGU Computer Science Associate Professor Aní Taggu.
“As per decision of the AAK, DDSEs of Upper Siang, Siang, East Siang, LDV and Namsai districts selected 208 Adi teachers for teaching Adi Agom in the Adi-inhabited districts,” it said.
Following this, orientation training was imparted at the government higher secondary school in Jia (for LDV) on 4 August, followed by training at the government secondary school in Joypur ( Namsai) by a team of Adi experts led by Narmí Kirpa Pertin.
The orientation training for Upper Siang, Siang and East Siang districts was held at the DIET in Pasighat on 11 August. It was led by Tani script inventor Narmí Ani Taggu.
Meanwhile, AAK general secretary Narmi Tajing Taki thanked the Adi teachers for their participation, and exhorted them to preserve and promote their own language for posterity.
He also appealed to the Adi people to monitor whether the Adi Agom Kennana books are taught in the schools in the Adi-inhabited areas, and authorized Adis to take action on the spot if deemed fit.