Looting the unemployed

Dear Editor,
In a democratic welfare state like India, govt. is installed for the welfare of its citizen. Creating jobs for the masses being one of its primary duty. But, unfortunately in Arunachal Pradesh, the government is looting the penniless unemployed youth in the name of examination fees and thereby not conducting the exam.
Some two years back, the department of rural development has floated an advertisement for few post of Jt. B.D.O, where a sum of rupees thirty was asked to pay via treasury challan being the examination fee for the same. Later on, the department has passed on the recruitment task to APPSC and yet again the examination fee was collected one more time. When the responsibility of conducting the examination was passed on to APPSC, it becomes obligatory on the part of department of rural development to pay back the fees.
If our govt. fails in creating jobs for the youth, it also has no right to loot the unemployed youths who are already ruined and is frustrated by the system of backdoor appointment. It is an open secret that merit does not count for a job in our state but hopelessly the unemployed youths with no option left has to apply whenever a recruitment for job is advertised wherein one’s pocket money is wasted in making a photo copies of document, printing pass photo, paying application fees and examination fees. Adding to this woes, the department of rural development has looted our money by not paying back the same.
Therefore, it is a humble request to the department of rural development to pay back the application fees of approximately 3000 applicants, may be it is even more.
Hope, I am not wrong in casting aspersion of loot on the department.