Nirjuli residents complain of repeated power disruption

NIRJULI, Aug 16: The people of Nirjuli township are reportedly facing problems due to constant disruption in the power supply.
According to the locals, the electricity supply is disrupted regularly, causing much inconvenience to them. They said the problem has been going on for the last many years but the authorities have failed to resolve it so far. The situation has deteriorated in the last few days, they added.
The power house which supplies electricity to the town is very old. “The 33/11 KV switchyard was inaugurated way back in 2001. The old cables frequently get burnt, causing power supply to be disrupted. Till date no major renovation has been carried out by the power department.
During summer, the situation becomes more difficult for us. Unbearable heat coupled with absence of electricity makes life difficult for us,” said a resident of Nirjuli.
When contacted, Nirjuli power house JE Kabak Vicky informed that power supply has been affected in Nirjuli following the shutdown of the Nirjuli power grid on Thursday morning.
“Power supply was unavailable since morning till 4 in the evening today. Earlier, on Wednesday, one of the two power cables was damaged when a transformer was burnt up. We had to shut down power supply for some time for repair but it has since been restored,” he said.
He however, informed that power supply in Nirjuli will continue to be affected till the Nirjuli power grid maintenance work is completed.