Orgs condemn allegation against BJP leader

[ Karda Natam ]
DAPORIJO, Aug 19: Several organizations, NGOs and welfare associations have condemned the allegation levelled against BJP leader Rode Bui, accusing him of creating disturbances in the tender process for construction of the PWD road from Bui PWD road to Boggi Rijo via Leya Rijo and Takte village (8 kms) in Gusar circle of Upper Subansiri district.
Local organizations, including the Gusar Circle Welfare Society, the Nasi Welfare Society, the Bui Youth Welfare Society, the Tator Dune Welfare Society, and the All Topo Youth Association said Bui’s name has been dragged into controversy “to tarnish his hard-earned image in the society and ruin his political career.”
Based on a complaint letter submitted by a bidder to the PWD chief engineer (central zone), a news item was carried in this daily on 17 August, wherein the bidder had alleged that a group of people headed by Rode Bui stopped him (the bidder) from submitting the hard copy of his tender papers on 14 August.
Citing “law and order problem in tender submission,” the bidder had demanded that the entire tender process for the road project be recalled and transferred to the PWD CE’s office.
“Rode Bui is not only a state executive member of the BJP but also a good social worker of the area. He has a great concern for the development and welfare of the people of Dumporijo and Daporijo area,” the organizations said, terming the allegation “totally baseless.”
The All Tator Welfare Society (ATWS) claimed that no law and order problem of any kind erupted during the tender process.
“Neither the higher authority nor the department concerned had knowledge of any problem related to law and order during the process,” the organizations said.
The ATWS also said the demand for cancellation of the entire tender process and shifting it from Daporijo to the chief engineer’s office in Itanagar “is against the government’s decentralized policy.”