Enough of selfish demands!

Dear Editor,
Fixing November 10 as tentative date for APPSCCE mains is the most appreciable move by commission despite major lapses from commission side. Such moves should be welcomed by all. Commission seems to be in the soul searching mode.
Standard time gap between Preliminary and mains is 3 months. Even same standard is followed in UPSC. So there shouldn’t be any complaints regarding such a scientific scheduling of exam.
Notification for APPSCCE was given two years back. Everyone should have studied for Preliminary and mains in these two years. So asking for any extension from the stipulated exam date should be rejected by the commission. Enough of selfish demands!
However, I would like to suggest APPSC on scheduling of exam date. While scheduling for different optional subjects, try to club all the ‘restricted combination’ of Optional subjects in one day. For example, Anthropology and Sociology, Education and psychology, Mathematics and statistics etc. This will be helpful in preparing scientific schedule for mains. Furthermore, give a one day gap between each optional. Eng and GS is common for all. It’s all about proper gap in optional that actually counts in the mains. This is just a suggestion. Discretion is all yours.
Senior candidate