Introduce CSAT

Dear Editor,
On 31st July 2018, I submitted representation to APPSC Secretary informing him about error in questions, plagiarism, out of syllabus and lack of moderation in optional subject.
The Secretary assured me that he will engage subject expertise and investigate the case but to my utter surprise, the APPSCCE (P) 2018 exam result was declared after two days on 2nd August 2018 without constituting any Committee nor supplied any corresponding letter to me for the grievances which sought from him.
Interestingly, on 14th August APPSC released new notification declaring the results of 76 qualified candidates of Geography Set – C. Perhaps my representation file disappeared in the thin air of APPSC Secretary’s AC Chamber; because it was not backed by any powerful organisation and political stalwarts of the state.
This second notification results for Geography Set – C; released by the APPSC, the most prestigious SPSC says volume about their inefficiency and indeed first of its kind in the country.
I do not have any complain against all the 76 qualified Geography opted aspirants. And it is not much relevant to highlight; however, many of them are truly a deserving candidate but having said that some of them do not deserve.
I know few of them are friends; who have not attended any coaching class and have confessed to me that their paper didn’t go well. Now they are in great dilemma after seeing their Roll No in the qualified list. However they are excited too.
Indeed God is merciful and impartial – He has seen our handwork and tears; how many of us wept bitterly after getting the result. Some of us even cried on 29th July itself after seeing the question papers. By God’s grace, the APPSC Secretary has accepted that there were errors in evaluation of APPSCCE – (P) paper, 2018. The APPSC Secretary said that “We have accepted the error and corrected them as we do not want to deprive deserving candidates”. He also clarified that the answers provided were corrected but the technician made slipup.
If technician slipup is the issues; then why only Geography Set – C? What about other sets and other optional subject?
Yes! A massive 76 numbers of geography aspirant’s papers were corrected. How on earth can one make such technical error for 76 candidates? Thus it doesn’t give any guarantee that there won’t be any error in all other optional subject.
The APPSCCE – (P) 2017 exam was re – conducted; because there were issues of plagiarism, error in question paper, lack of moderation and out of syllabus. This time we are facing same issues but this year our grievances is more intense and severe; as the commission has already accepted their mistakes and declared that there were enormous errors in question papers; the second notification made on 18th August itself is proof of their faults.
I appeal our intellectual elders from all walks of life of our state to look into these controversial issues and help us to get the justice; as we do not have any link with high profile leaders and bureaucratese.
I also appeal to all the religious leaders of Arunachal Pradesh to pray for us – so that God whose name is different but One God may work more powerfully for us.
We are indeed tired of the APPSC issues and as long as CSAT is not introduced then there would be more error in near future while preparing questions for various optional subjects. It is true that APPSC can’t satisfy all aspirants but at the same time the commission can’t play with the sentiments of the aspirants. The APPSC is going through controversies consecutively for last eight years for so many different reasons.
So to lessen APPSCCE – (P) from controversies, I appeal the APPSC to re – conduct the APPSCCE – (P) 2018 exam in the form of CSAT like UPSC do. Many states in the Country have already adopted UPSC pattern for both exam and syllabus in their respective state.
By this way, we expect that question such as – In which country Virat Kholi got married and where Ita fort located is won’t be repeated in APPSCCE – (P) in near future.
An Aspirant