Heavy downpour damages water supply structures in Lumla

LUMLA, Aug 21: Cloudburst followed by heavy downpour on 19 August caused extensive damages to the water supply structures here in Tawang district, creating a drinking water crisis.
Old and New Lumla, Manpat market, Mangnam, Dolma Lakhang, Moyu, the officers’ colony, and Kharteng village are the worst affected.
Water supply structures like headworks and pre-sedimentation
tanks at all nine water tapping points (WTP) of the three stream sources have been destroyed beyond repair. Turbulent streams washed away structures and GI pipes, which have reportedly gone untraceable.
FC Nallah, Mangnam Nallah and Dobley Gonpa are the prime sources of water supply to Lumla township and Kharteng village.
“Temporary restoration works are underway on a war footing despite minimum available resources in the subdivision. However, for permanent restoration and complete rectification, government aid is highly sought,” PHED&WS Assistant Engineer Tumba Ingo said.
“The department at present is unable to provide potable water to the consumers of entire Lumla township and its peripheries and Kharteng village as our WTP remains cut off from all the feeder sources. Water tankers have been engaged for supplying water to the colonies and villages, with assistance from the GREF,” he said.
The Lumla ADC has been apprised of the calamity and a detailed report of the damages, estimated at approximately Rs 2 crore, has been submitted by the water supply department. (Tawang Vigilance )