An open letter to Chief Minister on hydropower projects in Tawang

Dear Editor,
I would like to lay down an urgent plea regarding the cancellation of agreements with power developing companies including NHPC and Bhilwara.
As we are aware, government of Arunachal Pradesh had inked MoUs with several companies prior to 2010. Since you are aware of sequence of events vis-a-vis the controversy of proposed power projects, let me directly come to the point reminding your esteemed self that a meeting was conducted in DC chamber on 14th February and passed a resolution rejecting those projects. Though you couldn’t make it for the meeting owing to busy schedules, local MLAs attended the meeting and even signed the resolution along other signatories which included Panchayat leaders, Padmashree awardees and members of SMRF.
And if I am not wrong, the resolution has been already submitted to your office. You mentioned of the same in your speech at Khinmey Monastery regarding which I would like to clarify few points as followings:
1. In speech, you said that no one has been pushing forward the hydropower projects. It has been people against the projects making chaos right from the beginning.
But your claims have no truth. In 2011, two geshelas raising questions on such projects in public were forced to sign a bond of not conducting such activities in future. In 2012, SMRF (then Save Mon Committee) had served several memorandums to MLAs and Minister which were all neglected and came forward for dialogue only two days before the scheduled first rally. It had been already too late as public were called upon for the rally with total conviction. Protesters were lathi charged but government didn’t give any commitment regarding the resolution of problems. Members of SMRF were manhandled while on campaign in your constituency, Mukto and MLA Jambey Tashi’s constituency, Lumla. In name of survey, companies had began digging tunnels and destroying forests. MLA Tsering Tashi promised to take decision regarding the projects within 100 days of his election to MLA, nothing had been done. In a nutshell, negligence of government and continuation of works by companies compelled NGOs like SMRF and public of Tawang to come forward and raise voice to save environments.
2. You spoke saying if people of Tawang don’t want such projects, the you are ready to cancel those MoUs.
Being a Chief Minister, you might be really busy, but this issue is not of a pretty thing. It has been more than 6 months after the resolution was passed unanimously and almost three months after getting it submitted to your office. Therefore, please take a note of the urgency of the matter and cancel these hydel projects at the earliest.
MLA Tsering Tashi had pledged to scrap the projects rejected by people and he is also one of the signatories along MLA Jamey Tashi of the said resolution of rejecting those projects. MLA Jambey Tashi had recently announced to a gathering of public that such projects will not come again in our land.
Therefore, I am hopeful that your highly respected Chief Minister will not disappoint people of Tawang and cancel all the proposed hydropower projects without further delay.
A citizen