Relevance of Verrier Elwin in today’s Arunachal

Dear Editor,
Apropos to the most superb article published in your prestigious daily on 30th August, 2018 – Verrier Elwin: the architect of nefa and defender of indian tribal people – Homage from a tribal by Dr. Razzeko Dele.
This is the best piece ever to appear in any local daily till date.
Dr. Dele has indeed paid homage to Dr. Verrier Elwin on my behalf and everyone in Arunachal. My heartfelt appreciations to Dr. Razzeko Dele!
“A Philosophy for NEFA” is a Must-Read and Must-Comprehend manuscript for each and every person living in Arunachal and elsewhere. It is sad that we are oblivious of the province called Arunachal Pradesh whose saviour is Dr. Verrier Elwin. We, the indigenous folks must know him before being carried away by any school of thought or ideology.
Our senior citizens/administrators must study and comprehend “A Philosophy for NEFA” to reflect upon the self given the endeavor of Dr. Elwin and our past/present response. This book tells us who we were at that point of time when Dr. Elvin was crisscrossing our State and to realise as to what we have become of ourselves now.
Forward of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru of the 1st Edition of the book is quoted herewith as an introduction:
“I am alarmed when I see – not only in this country but in other great countries too – how anxious people are to shape others according to their own image or likeness, and to impose on them their particular way to living. We are welcome to our way of living, but why impose it on others? This applies equally to national and international fields. If fact, there would be more peace in the world if people were to desist from imposing their way of living on other people and countries. I am not at all sure which is the better way of living, the tribal or own. In some respects I am quite certain theirs is better. Therefore, it is grossly presumptuous on our part to approach them with an air of superiority, to tell them how to behave or what to do and what not to do. There is no point in trying to make of them a second-rate copy of ourselves.”
It is also my sincere request to the Arunachal Times that such articles must be given prominence for all of us to understand who we are. It is also requested that “A Philosophy for NEFA” may be published in series, if permitted, in your prestigious local daily.
Ilww Rwbaa
Dipa, Lower Siang