Governor calls for improving facilities in primary school

ITANAGAR, Sep 6: Governor BD Mishra on Thursday visited the government primary school, Raj Bhavan, and interacted with the teachers and members of the school management committee (SMC) there.
The school has 82 students, out of which 65 are girl students.
Mishra also visited the classrooms and other amenities in the school. He found that, while the classrooms were inadequately lit with restricted natural light and ventilation, there is no separate toilet for the girls.
“Lack of toilet facility has been one of the reasons why many girl students stop their study,” Mishra said.
He also found inadequate arrangement for midday meals to be provided to the students.
Following the visit, the governor convened a meeting of all the stakeholders, including the ITBP inspector general, the elementary education director, members of the SMC, teachers of the school, and the government architect, and asked them to ensure that the school is run properly.
Responding to an earlier request by the education minister, the governor, after the visit, ordered the ITBP IG to hand over the adjacent Raj Bhavan quarters to the education department for expansion of the school. “On expansion, more than 150 students will be able to get education there,” Mishra said.
The governor also assigned the task of proper structural development of the school to Jummar Rumi, the architect, and asked him to “carve out leg space for the children’s assembly, and a flag post for hoisting the national flag.”
At the governor’s request, Elementary Education Director Tapi Gao agreed to adopt the school. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)