Siang thwarts efforts to halt erosion

BORGULI, Sep 8: The villagers of Borguli in Mebo circle of East Siang district took measures to halt erosion by the Siang, only to be thwarted by the river.
The youths of the village made attempts to protect their fertile cropland from being wiped away by constructing spurs at the Taleng Bereng portion of the Siang, near Borguli village, with locally available resources like bamboo, cane and grass. But all their efforts went in vain as the river continues to erode its bank.
The Siang has swallowed several acres of grassland at Sigar, Borguli, Serum, Namsing, and Mer villages on its left bank in the last couple of months, but no effective anti-erosion measure has been initiated by the authority.
Erosion by the Siang has already rendered 10 families homeless in Serum village.
According to the locals, experts have suggested constructing boulder spurs at every crucial junction to prevent further erosion by the Siang in the area.