Police have to be fair, win people’s trust: Governor

ITANAGAR, Sep 14: Governor BD Mishra called upon police personnel to be fair and win the people’s trust by maintaining transparency, honesty and accountability in their activities.
Addressing the 25th conference of the DGsP, IGsP and heads of the central police organisations of NE states at Raj Bhavan on Friday, Mishra emphasized that the police have to demonstrate fairness, promptness and determination to win the trust of the people.
Highlighting the security scenario in the Northeastern region, the governor urged the security organizations to have good coordination between them. He warned that delayed action, no action, or a live-and-let-live policy towards insurgents would likely erode the confidence of the people in security organisations.
Lamenting the vulnerability of boys, girls and women in orphanages and shelters houses, the governor advised the police to take suo moto action and carry out proper checking. He also advised the DGsP to take due cognizance of heinous crimes like rape and lynching and initiate appropriate remedial measures.
On interstate issues, Mishra called upon the DGsP to convene regular meetings amongst organizations and bring those issues to logical ends.
Suggesting methods for strengthening the police forces to counter emerging security challenges, the governor stressed the need for transparent recruitment, effective training, and police reforms in equipment, weapons and means of communication. He also advocated synergy of effort among the security forces and promoting good police work.
Sharing his experience as head of the Black Cats, Mishra suggested remedial measures to control insurgency in a democratic setup, which include good developmental policies and programmes, work opportunities, job creation, and effective counter-insurgency military operations. (PRO, Raj Bhavan)