PWD’s substandard maintenance work questioned

[ Karda Natam ]

DAPORIJO, Sep 16: The Tagin Cultural Society (TCS) has raised serious objection to the “unscientific method” being used in the maintenance work on the Ziro-Tai stretch of the Trans-Arunachal Highway.
It said the work was being carried out without adhering to any engineering specifications and procedures, and questioned the PWD highway department as to how multi-crore projects could be executed without the presence of any engineer at the project sites.
It claimed that the department has not even deployed a single casual labourer at the sites.
“Taking advantage of the negligence of the department, the contractors are carrying out the work in an unscientific manner,” the TCS said, adding that “the contractors are putting soil and debris in the name of filling potholes.”
The TCS said it is highly apprehensive that “the PWD highway department is intentionally not deploying engineers at the project sites to give preplanned advantages and out-of-way profit to the contractors with ulterior motive.”
Saying that it does not rule out a plan by the PWD highway “to make misappropriation of the project money in connivance with the contractors,” the TCS urged the state government to direct the department to immediately deploy engineers at the project sites. It said the work should be suspended until site engineers are deployed, in order to prevent further substandard work.
The TCS also urged the state government to establish at least two subdivisions, with sufficient junior engineers and other supporting staffs, to ensure proper supervision and monitoring of the project.
There are four packages worth about Rs 20 crores in total in between Ziro and Tai.