Fraudulent APST certificates

Dear Editor,
The AAPSU’s demand for formation of a Study Group and concrete mechanism to tackle fraudulent APST certificates obtained by the offsprings of non-tribal fathers is the voice of all genuine AP Scheduled tribes. It is true that, many children of non-tribal fathers have obtained AP Scheduled Tribe certificates. Even among the non-tribals, the upright ones will never support such unhealthy practice.
Unfortunately, instead of showing the proper path to their sisters or daughters married to non-tribal men, some Arunachalees are actively encouraging them in obtaining the fallacious APST certificates from the authorities. In such cases, the maternal uncle or grandfather is shown as father of the non-tribal children.
Thus, a tribal brother or a father is falsely mentioned as husband of his own sister/daughter. This is not only immoral; but also blatant violation of our customary laws. Moreover, such activities expose the ulterior motives and lack of respect for their own marriages. In this way, the facilities meant for the real APST are taken away by others.
Here, it is worth mentioning that, even a matriarchal state of Meghalaya has recently framed laws for preservation of their customary laws and protection of the indigenous people.
So, the crusade launched by the apex students union in collaboration with other organisations is absolutely justified and deserves support from all quarters irrespective of tribes, districts, genders, political affiliations and religions.