Copy pasting questions

Dear Editor,
I would like to ask some of our fellow-friends whether they want APPSC to ask/set alien questions.
They are complaining this and that question has been taken directly from this and that book or has been copied from websites.
Why do you give ownership of those questions to a particular site or book? Do you think they have composed that question by themselves?
They have also taken it from some other sources.
I want to ask you a question. If a current affairs question come, will you complain saying it has been taken from this and that magazine or GK book or TV news channel, newspaper ? So how can you expect a question setter to set everything from his or her mind?
The notes that you have made for your self study is also a copy pasted one.
It has been also taken from some sources and you have not manufactured it.
And if the questions were not to be repeated, then what is the meaning of studying or referring to previous years papers?
Complaining about sources of questions by saying it has been taken from this and that is an excuse.
Frustrated spectator