More vigilance required for traffic regulation

Dear Editor,
With reference to the news item under the headlines ‘Trekker drivers’ protest leaves passengers stranded’ published in your esteemed daily on September 29, I, on behalf of the group of woman passengers who had lodged complaint against higher trekker fare and verbal abuse received from a trekker driver on September 24, would like to disclose that the trekker driver Tarak Malling apologized to Maru Aniya and the group of woman passengers for misbehaving and charging fare more than the nominal rate.
The matter was also brought before the President and General Secretary of the Trekker Association and they clarified that there was no notice or direction from the Association head to increase fare. They condemned the incident and said sorry on behalf of the trekker association. They further informed that they will discuss the issue regarding unofficial increase in passenger fare with the administration, till then they will charge Rs. 30 as a fare from Itanagar to Naharlagun.
We also extended our sincere thanks to the Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner, Prince Dhawan, Capital SP M Harshavardhan and Traffic SP Irak Bagra, for their initiative to resolve the issue.
We are also thankful to Naharlagun PS OC Nikom Riba, SI Tadu Hassang and Itanagar PS OC T Bage for bringing this issue to the notice of the district authority and also appreciate the media for highlighting the incident that happened on 24 September, 2018.
I, on behalf of the group of women, also like to request district administration, traffic cell and transport authority to be more vigilant and check the rush driving of trekkers/sumos, the important vehicle documents like driving license, plying permit, road tax clearance, pollution and insurance certificates etc and the condition of trekkers and sumos regularly. We also expect the fare price to be reasonable for the people.
Maru Aniya
On behalf of the group of women