Org demands legislation for rivers’ protection

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: The Youth Mission for Clean River-AP (YMfCR-AP) has reiterated its demand for legislation of the Arunachal Pradesh River Protection Act to protect the fast-depleting water bodies of the state.
Citing its letter submitted to the CM earlier in this regard, the organisation in a representation to the chief secretary on 8 October said a water regulation act would immensely benefit the state in ensuring the protection and sustainability of the water bodies.
Referring to the recent devastating flashfloods that hit the capital, the organisation said, “Had there been some kind of measures to regulate earth-cutting and human settlement near overflowing streams and rivers, the volume of the disaster could have been much lower.”
Saying that some perennial rivers and streams around the capital are vanishing due to various manmade blunders, the organisation said river pollution and natural disaster could be checked with strong water-protection regulations.
It appealed to the chief secretary to direct the district authorities to conduct a survey of the water bodies in the districts and evict illegal construction on riverbanks.