Copy pasted news

Dear Editor,
I am saddened by the fact that the news of incursion of Chinese People’s Liberation Army into Dibang Valley district of our state had to be got broken first in national media. The incident took place on 22nd September and our state media carries the copy pasted news almost after a month.
Call it apathy or total lack of integrity of our state media. We all subscribers or for that matter news readers do not expect our state media rising above personal or political interest, arm-chair journalism, or to play role of check and balance with state government because that’s for us is our Arunachal Media. However, the news of incursion that also in our own backyard should been carried first at all cost and above all other interests because that’s the issue of national security, and being a sensitive border state, our media should be playing more and more active role in informing people and government about such incursions so that an immediate response is in place.
The news of incursion was all over the social media. People were worried and eager to confirm the authenticity of the news but for a month long it languished as a hoax. A single call from media house to local administration could have confirmed the news. But not, instead waited for outsider to confirm and break the news, only to copy paste at the end.
Cutting it short, I would say that take this criticism on positive note because we really and truly need honest and true journalists in our state, not some namesakes, who work more for pocket money, and to our video journalists, stop begging for money for every-single coverage that looks ugly.
Anthony Lazong