Hundreds attend Church’s Golden jubilee celebration

NEW KAMLAO, Oct 20: Delegates from about 100 churches, besides senior government officials, former PRI members and public leaders of Changlang district attended the golden jubilee celebration of Kamlao Baptist church which concluded here on Saturday.
Addressing the gathering on the occasion, MLA Laisam Simai shared a brief history of the church and said, “It was in June 1968 that the village registered its first Christian. Gradually, the figure grew to 300. By 1974, our village was a 100 percent Christian village.”
He further said that New Kamlao has become one of the most prosperous villages of 51st Nampong assembly (ST) constituency.
“Economically, New Kamlao is a complacent village and education wise, it takes the top berth by being one of the most literate villages of the region. Apparently, 20 percent of the population is engaged in various government sectors, while 80 percent are either professional farmers or small time entrepreneurs,” he added.
Rev Dr Mar Atsongchanger, ES ABAM and Rev Dr Hevukhu Achumi, ES WSBAK from Nagaland also spoke and exhorted the congregation on the theme – Proclaim Liberty on the second day of the celebration.