Jamsenpa receives ‘environmental ambassador’ award

GUWAHATI, Nov 3: Everester Anshu Jamsenpa has been conferred the ‘Eastern Himalayan global environmental ambassador’ award instituted by the Balipara Foundation.
The award was conferred by wildlife researcher Dr KK Sarma, in the presence of over 1000 delegates from 13 countries, on Friday evening.
In her acceptance speech, Jamsenpa said, “We need to conserve nature and do more plantations to preserve the ecology and improve the economy of the region” in order to cope with the prevailing deteriorating environment and economic conditions.
“I’m honoured and at the same time it’s a responsibility for me to spread the word for conservation,” she said.
She lauded the Balipara Foundation for playing a significant role in the conservation of the ecosystem and for planting seven million trees in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutan and Assam.
Indian scholar and inspirational leader Dr Vandana Shiva highlighted the importance of organic farming to conserve the web of life, while Oxford historian Mark Davies and Diana Owen of the UK-based Royal Overseas League spoke about the rich heritage of the eastern Himalayas and “synergizing education, art and tourism for community development.”
Among others, Lt Gen Arun Sahni, Lisa Mills from the University of Montana, Vishal Massey from the Club of Rome, and Sunayana Sarkar from NMIMS University spoke.