Land of rising arrogance and ignorance

Dear Editor,
Arrogance has deemed some of the ‘tiring’ aspirants blind. And rightly so, because after all these years their inability to clear the exams has made them tired. What many people do not realise is the need of absolute change of the manner of conduct of the commission and also the manner in the use of language in opinions. This very attitude of “dont come in our way” showcases the, God forbid, future administrators.
This very attitude is the standard of our state. Change comes only when there is an adaptive success, not when there is deliberate misfortune.
Standardisation and systematisation of the commission is the need of this hour.
The battlefield is not the exam hall. The battlefield is your mentality. Even if one gave the exam this time, what assurance can be given that this similar fiasco won’t happen again in future? Nobody is entertaining anyone here. Every individual has the right to stand against inequality and injustice. And the so called ‘serious aspirants’ whose ambitions in the coming future are to be in the same offices and the same table of organisation, should realise that merely professing the idea of having the exam just to satisfy self-interests would not help anyone at all, but you. And your ignorance and lack of vision would in turn bring us to the same cyclic events of protests, re-exams and postponements again and again and again. Baseless opinion? Or useless arrogance??
Serious aspirant