Caught between police and protestors

Dear Editor,
This is in regard to the APPSCCE mains that was conducted on 10/11/18. I was one of the aspirant who was allocated Kingcup school as exam center. I reached the exam center by 8:30 am to appear for the said exam. When I tried to get inside I was stopped by my fellow mains candidates who were against the conduct of the exam. I do understand their sadness and feeling of despair but they should have let us enter peacefully. Then they went to the gate and refused to budge as can be seen in multiple video. How were we supposed to get in without being heckled? The police was so inefficient in managing the situation. They should have known it from before because the students were demonstrating against APPSC’s misconduct a day before the exam date.
Why were more force called only after 10:00 am.
We were not protesting, there were hundreds of us trying to understand what is going on. If the police wanted us to go and appear the exam they should have cleared the entrance by 9:00 am.
We stood there till 11:00 am hoping to get inside but it was already very late for many of us since the police arrested the demonstrating candidates only at around 10:50 am.
With all the noise and fights how were we supposed to know what to do? One should look at the videos to understand what transpired. Does anyone see any way a normal student could approach the entrance. Even the journalist themselves would be witness to it. Was that an environment conducive for exam?
Lastly, I am thankful to all those candidates who left their exams midway in response to our cry. I am indebted to you all. I hope the best for everyone.
An Aspirant