Court order and the APPSC

Dear Editor,
I would like to make an open plea to the Honorable Judge of Itanagar Bench High Court for justice and mercy to the Mains qualified APPSC aspirants. The way the High Court tackled the case for Commerce candidates VS APPSC on November 9 was very hectic as the High Court let the APPSC conduct the Mains exam just in the evening of the last day remaining for exam on November 9.
The same could have been directed earlier without creating so much confusion 1 month back. There would not have been so much chaos which every candidate is facing now whether they are appearing for exam or not. We are also giving exam but we can’t give our full effort and concentration and perform our best because of all the chaos created by that bad decision that High Court gave on November 9. Many willing candidates were not able to give exam due to the chaos for which we don’t hold the protestors responsible but rather that bad decision of November 9 and all the drama of dragging the Commerce case till last day remaining for exam. How will APPSC or High court compensate them?
Judiciary is the last resort to justice and everyone seeks it with hope of getting justice. So, keeping in view all the havoc and chaos created due to that decision to let the APPSC conduct exam, we beg with folded hand before the Honorable High Court Judge to have pity on us and give justice to every mains qualified candidates in the next hearing of November 14 by ordering the cancellation of this ongoing mains exam and set new dates for the mains.
Mains Appearing