Questionable decision

Dear Editor,
The recent one sided support and solidarity to the “Self-Chose to be Deprived Candidates” by the two student bodies of RGU i.e., RGUSU and RGURSF was totally illogical and non-technical.
Your team claimed about having done case study, then why couldn’t you even present the exact number of students sitting for the exam? And you talk about reformation when your own University system is on the verge of degradation; you go on to talk about reforming the APCS.
• I ask you, were we wrong in sitting for the exam? It’s a clear No from your side. Then what prompted you to jump in so haphazardly without actually listening to our side of story. We were silent over the protesting days because we were busy writing our exam till 20th Nov’, 2018.
• If you are truly concerned and is seeking justice for the deprived candidates, I ask you to kindly compensate me the time which I had to compromise in my English Paper because of the ruckus and unending commotion created by the Protestors outside my exam centre at King Cup School on 10th Nov’, 2018.
• Dear “Eminent Professor” of RGU who has openly and actively supported the Protestors, we are equally and strongly against all forms of corruptions and inefficiencies prevailing in the Commission and anywhere in the state, but a movement just a night before the commencement of our exam, does that make sense at all? Where you in hibernation until then?
• We don’t know what our fate and future would hold for us regarding our results but I believe that by beating the already prevailing tensed environment coupled by the student bodies of RGU we are already a clear winner.
• Now that RGUSU and RGURSF have strongly and openly expressed their support to the “Self-chose to be Deprieved Candidates” and the formation of Expert Committees have been given to RGU as directed by High Court, a sense of fear and insecurity has crept in. We have full faith on the VC but this feeling of insecurity has been created solely by RGUSU and RGURSF.
Hoping that your bodies will be more considerate before making any heavy statement in the near future especially when you don’t have clear understanding on the issue. Don’t forget that we too are the hopes and aspirations of our family like those for whom your hearts exclusively bled.
We still stand by-“Let justice be delivered to the real deprived, not to the “self-chose to be deprived”. Not to sit for the exam was your decision; the exam gate was opened for all.
An Aspirant