Unions oppose granting of PRCs to non-APSTs

NAMSAI, Dec 14: The All Namsai District Students’ Union and the All Tai-Khampti Singhpo Students’ Union on Friday expressed strong opposition to the state government’s recent announcement regarding issuing permanent resident certificates (PRC) to non-APST communities in Namsai and Changlang districts.
Their opposition comes a day after the state government clarified that any decision on the PRC issue would be based on the report of the joint high power committee led by Environment & Forests Minister Nabam Rebia.
In a joint representation to the Namsai district administration, the unions said any step to issue PRCs to non-APSTs would have “dire consequences in the near future in terms of land possession.”
Demanding that the chief minister and the DCM take back their statements, the unions said the duo should not have issued statements on such a sensitive issue without seeking the opinions of the stakeholders.
The unions also urged the government and its representatives to refrain from politicizing the issue.
“Granting PRCs to non-APSTs would jeopardize and threaten the very existence of the indigenous people of the two districts,” they said.