Fast-track investigation

The land management minister Nabam Rebia on Saturday issued stern warning to those who received land compensation against the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) project without having any structure on the RoW to return money or face action. Particularly in Lower Subansiri district several people are alleged to have got crores of money as compensation without having structures. The allegation which surfaced few months ago led to the arrest of many high ranking government officials including former deputy commissioner of Lower Subansiri. The case is being currently investigated by SIC.
The state government also constituted a Fact Finding Committee (FFC) to look into the matter. TAH has miserably failed to make progress in Subansiri belt because of the compensation issue. Delay in finalization of compensation followed by allegation of illegally receiving land compensation without having any structure have caused massive delay to the progress of TAH. The government has so far only acted against the officials involved in the scam and is yet to initiate action against the individuals who got illegal compensation. The strongly worded statement of land management minister Nabam Rebia gives hope that government will take some definite action against people who used fraudulent method to receive compensation. An example should be set, so that in future no one dares to indulge in these kinds of criminal activities. Infact the investigation should be fast-tracked. Also the report of Fact Finding Committee (FFC) should be made public and state government should regularly give update about the progress of investigation being done by SIC.