Too early to seek report card from Pema govt: Rebia

KIMIN, Dec 23: Environment & Forests Minister Nabam Rebia during a function here in Papum Pare district on Saturday said it would be premature to seek a “report card” from the Pema Khandu government as it has barely completed two years in office.
“Unless any government completes five years in office, it is difficult to implement all the development schemes; therefore this government needs a full five-year term to fully implement its vision of development of the state,” said Rebia.
“It took some time, but now we have a stable government in the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu, who is working with a mission of ‘Team Arunachal’. Many important projects are in the pipeline, and the people should reelect Pema Khandu as chief minister in 2019 for the better future of the state,” he said.
Rebia enumerated various infrastructure projects that have been initiated for improving connectivity in Doimukh assembly constituency. “The work on all the projects, including the Kimin-Gumto road, will start soon,” he said.
The minister also urged the party’s leaders and the chief minister to “clear up the confusion among workers before the election for unity and strength of the party in the district.”