Org warns legislatures against granting PRC

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Dec 26: The Nyishi Ethnic Students of Arunachal Pradesh (NESA) has warned all Nyishi legislatures of the state to refrain from being party to any bills or laws that pave way for granting permanent resident certificates (PRC) to non-APSTs (Arunachal Pradesh Scheduled Tribes) residing in the state.
Addressing reporters here at the press club on Wednesday, NESA spokesperson Byabang Noah said “that legislatures, especially the Nyishi legislatures, should think a thousand times before passing any bill that allows granting PRC to the non-APSTs in Lekang constituency under Namsai district.”
Demanding a public apology from Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein for saying that the PRC to non-APSTs will be a New Year gift, Noah said “retracting their statement will be a New Year gift for the people of Arunachal.”
NESA president Biri Chattum also suggested demarcating the land in Lekang constituency and handing over the portion to the Assam government if the Arunachal government was bent on granting PRC to non-APSTs.
“Give them PRC in Assam, or demarcate the land and give it to Assam,” Chattum said.
On the recent assurance by government spokesperson Bamang Felix that PRC would be granted only after receiving
the report from the joint high power committee, and will be further taken to the cabinet for appropriate decision, the NESA said that it was “completely against granting PRC and will not accept any amendments in existing acts.”
It said that instead of solving already existing issues of the state, such as inter-state boundary disputes, the Chakma-Hajong and Tibetan refugee issues, the government was “creating new problems” for the state and its indigenous population.
The NESA also said that if the CM and DCM do not tender a public apology, the people will come out on the streets against them.
It also highlighted that a non-APST cannot be granted PRC or land possession certificate according to the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR) Act, 1873, and any administrative order, or any other document issued in contravention of the BEFR is liable for cancellation.