Reh badminton championship underway

ROING, Jan 13: The Reh Badminton Championship 2019 was inaugurated by Lower Dibang Valley DPO Marto Dirchi at the Naba Ita Pulu indoor stadium here on Saturday.
Being organized by the Central Reh Celebration Committee (CRCC) 2019, the championship also features women teams, the theme of the celebration being ‘Women empowerment’.
“Gender equality is most important for all-round development, and we should start teaching this to our children at home,” Dirchi said in his inaugural speech.
The DPO described the Idu Mishmi community as being very disciplined. “As a result the community has produced many national and international level sportspersons,” he said.
He urged the youths to not waste their energy on drugs and alcohol abuse. “To be sportspersons we need to be smart with lots of energy, and have mental, physical and spiritual balance,” he said.
The singles exhibition match was played between Dindo Linggi (8) and Echu Mikhu (12). It was won by Mikhu 7-15. The doubles exhibition match featured Open Melo and Pranko Miso versus Apomo Linggi and Anjite Menjo, and it was won by Melo and Miso 21-8, 17-21, 15-6.
The championship has various categories, such as men’s open (singles and doubles), 40+ veteran men’s doubles, U-15 boys’ doubles, and 30+ women’s doubles.
IMCLS president Ginko Linggi and general secretary Rao Dele, and CRCC 2019 president Sipa Miuli and vice president Simi Pulu were also present at the inaugural event.