Toko Yame memorial football tourney held

BANA, Jan 15: Dutey (Doka) Football Club and All Aka Hrusso Students’ Union emerged the winner and the runner-up in the final match of the first edition of Late Toko Yame Memorial Football Tournament played here in East Kameng district on Sunday.
The tournament was organized by the Sarok Festival Celebration Committee 2019 alongside the Sarok festival of the Aka community, in memory of Toko Yame.
The winner team bagged Rs 50,000 and a trophy, while the runner-up team walked away with Rs 25,000 and a trophy.
Khenewa FC was declared the ‘best disciplined team’, while Aka Kino of Dutey FC, Riku Pordung of Khenewa FC and Lhamagu of Pochung FC were presented with the best player, the golden boot and the golden glove award, respectively.
Sixteen teams participated in the tournament.
Earlier, former ZPM Tadak Degio remembered Toko Yame, and exhorted the participants to play the game with true sportsman spirit.
Expressing gratitude to all, the family members of Toko Yame briefed the gathering on the gist of the tournament. (DIPRO)