AVBD to organise blood donation camp, seeks volunteers

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jan 17: With the growing number of cancer and kidney disease patients in Arunachal Pradesh, particularly in Itanagar, the demand for blood transfusion is high.
With this in mind, the Arunachal Pradesh Voluntary Blood Donors (AVBDO) will organise an ’emergency blood donation camp’ in collaboration with the State Blood Transfusion Council and Ramakrishna Mission Hospital (RKMH) here.
The camp will be held in the conference hall of RKMH from 9 am onwards on Sunday, AVBDO chairman Ramesh Jeke informed.
Revealing that “the demand for blood transfusion is rising at an alarming rate in Itanagar,” Ramesh said he gets more than 30 calls a day requesting for blood transfusion, especially from kidney dialysis patients and pregnant women, as well as for emergency operation-related cases.
Jeke clarified that blood collected from such donation camps is provided expressly to needy patients.
“People must understand that we judiciously use the blood collected from donation camps, without charging a single penny, except the nominal processing charges, as per the Supreme Court guidelines,” said Jeke, adding that people often misunderstand that the AVBDO charges fees from donors.
RKMH is the lone hospital in Itanagar with a blood separation component unit.
Jeke appealed to the people to donate blood and save lives.
“Donating blood for needy patients would be as godly as going to religious places on Sundays,” he said.