Low-cost sanitary napkin manufacturing units set up

NAMSAI, Jan 17: Four low-cost sanitary napkin making units, financed under the Namsai MLA’s local area development fund, were set up here on Thursday.
Rs 14.54 lakhs was provided by local MLA Chau Zingnu Namchoom, and the innovative scheme was executed by Namsai ADI BR Dey, with assistance from DC Tapasya Raghav.
“All the machines in the units are run by PLFs of Lathao, Piyong, Jaipur, and an NGO of Namsai,” Raghav informed in a release.
The SHG members were earlier trained by a company trainer, and the production has already started, she said.
“The group members are selling their products in Sarkar Aapke Dwar programmes, and the quality of the product has been appreciated by every section of the society,” the DC informed.
The manufacturing machines were procured from Coimbatore-based Jayaashree Industries. These low-cost napkin making units would cater to the needs of poor women and also enhance their income.