NES launches ‘Clean election’ campaign

SEPPA, Jan 20: The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) has launched a ‘Clean election’ campaign against all forms of electoral malpractices prevailing in the state.
The campaign, to be organized in all Nyishi inhabited areas and districts, was launched here in East Kameng district on Saturday.
The NES stated in a release that unethical politics, like cash-for-vote, ritualistic undertakings, spiritual threats for vote, employment assurance, etc, have been the major challenges in panchayat, municipal, state assembly and parliamentary elections in Arunachal Pradesh.
It said it has adopted a resolution that individuals and groups will be encouraged to file complaints against such unethical electoral practices to the election officers and other appropriate authorities, including the district election officer, the chief election commissioner, and the Election Commission of India.
Individuals and groups will also be encouraged to check “the politics of clanism, regionalism (or) professionalism,” the NES said.
“The NES will render support and provide social protection in case of intimidation (or) threat to genuine complainants,” it said.
The NES will also distribute pamphlets and erect posters and banners with slogans like ‘Vote for development’, ‘No cash for vote’, ‘No mortgage for vote’, ‘Support clean election’, ‘No ritualistic undertaking for vote’, ‘No spiritual threat for vote’, ‘No money power – no muscle power for vote’, ‘No clan-regional and professional politics’, etc.
On the occasion, the NES also launched an anti-drugs campaign to curb the menace of drugs and make Nyishi inhabited areas drug-free.
After launching the two campaigns, NES vice president (east) Tarh Tabin appealed to all to eradicate the cash-for-vote system and restore “votes for fit and development.”
He urged the Nyedar Namlo, churches and NGOs to pass the message of clean elections in their respective places of worship and gatherings to make the campaign more effective.
Tabin asked officers and businessmen to refrain from participating in unethical electoral practices and rather guide and educate the innocent people in eradicating the cash-for-vote system.
He asked the students to keep away from abusing drugs.
Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society (NIFCS) president Pai Dawe assured to organize the ‘Clean election’ campaign in NIFCS institutions and Nyedar Namlos.
He also urged the gathering to pass the message to their respective families and clans.
Norbu Sonam, who represented the Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF), also assured to start the campaign in all churches, and said the NBCC is also carrying out the same campaign.
He suggested that the East Kameng Socio Welfare and Cultural Organization (EKSWCO), the NES, the Nyedar Namlo and the ACF should jointly conduct the clean election and the anti-drugs campaign in the entire East Kameng district.
NES vice president (west) Dr Tachi Taku described the launching of the ‘Clean election’ and the anti-drugs campaign as “historic.”
He appealed to the EKSWCO, students, NGOs, the public and the political parties to extend their full cooperation to the campaigns.
NES general secretary Heri Maring said the NES has always been against the unethical electoral practices and systems prevailing in the state for the last 10-15 years. He appealed to all the leaders and political parties to support the campaign in the greater interest of the community.
NES assistant secretary (health and sanitation) Dr Krishna Welly was the resource person for the anti-drugs campaign. He spoke about the harmful effects of drug abuse on the user’s body and the society as well.
NES secretary in-charge Mara Kocho, NES district unit chairman Radak Dada, and EKSWCO convenor Tara Kamche also spoke.
Representative and members of the EKSWCO, the Women Welfare Organization, Changtum Deney, the NIFCS, the ACF and the East Kameng Artist Society, besides officers, public leaders, goan burahs, students and members of the public were present at the launch programme.