RGUTA objects to new reservation, says an attempt to keep STs, SCs, OBCs away from higher education

ITANAGAR, Feb 1: The Rajiv Gandhi University Teachers’ Association (RGUTA) has expressed objection to the new quota rules, and has demanded restoring the 200 point reservation roster with college/university as a unit for teaching posts, stating that the new department-wise 13 point roster is against the STs, SCs and OBCs.
Along with the FEDCUTA, the RGUTA has demanded a bill/ordinance to restore the earlier system of reservation, adding that it has the support of the National Commission of Scheduled Tribes.
The association urged Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar to keep his promise and get the bill passed in the current session of parliament. It also urged the members parliament from the state to demand restoration of the earlier reservation in the interest of the STs, SCs and OBCs.
“Restoration of earlier reservation is essential; otherwise majority of Indian population will be denied entry into higher education and their generations will suffer. Inclusive development and inclusive higher education is the need of the hour,” the RGUTA said in a statement.
The OBC, SC and ST communities are in turmoil over a Supreme Court judgment which dismissed the special leave petition (SLP) filed by the HRD ministry against a judgment of the Allahabad High Court calling for department-wise reservation.
The HC judgment changed the base of reservation in universities/colleges from treating an institution as a unit to a department as
a unit while giving representation in direct recruitment to posts of assistant professor, associate professor and professor, and curtailed the reservation in higher education institutions, it said.
“This step is a move to restrict the entry of SC/ST/OBC people getting jobs in universities and colleges,” the RGUTA said.
“Considering a department as a unit for reserving the posts will significantly reduce the number of posts. According to the new department-wise 13 point roster, departments will reserve every fourth post for OBCs, every seventh post for SCs and every 15th post for STs. Since the roster ends at 13 points only, STs will not get a single post reserved for them. At present, the sanctioned strength of faculties in university and colleges is in the ratio of 1:2:4 with one professor, two associate professors and four assistant professors in a newly opened department.
“Considering the new reservation formula, if in a department 2/3 posts are advertised, there will be no seat reserved. Reservation will be applicable only if there are four vacancies. Similarly, for one SC vacancy, there should be minimum seven posts advertisement in a single department and for one ST post reserved there should be 14 vacancies advertised. This situation will never come as in a single department, especially old departments where there is generally 1/2 vacancies,” it said.
It further said that since the central government filed the SLP against the Allahabad HC judgment, “it shows that it is in favour of earlier reservation system in universities/colleges.”