Tourism festivals are a waste of public money

Dear Editor,
I would like to state few words in regards to the various river festivals in Arunachal Pradesh. We are well aware that various river festivals are being organised in our state and the govt of Arunachal is spending crores of money in the name of promoting tourism industry in this hilly state.
If the government is spending a crore or crores for organizing one river festival then why the DCs and its organizing teams are charging high stall fees from local vendors? All these local fees collected by these committees will go in government’s treasury? All these fees collected by committees are being used for social cause or pocketed by few selfish committees?
If it is for the promotion of the tourism and sponsored by the government every activity ought to be done free of cost under the supervision of the district administrators.
But the ground reality is that the self styled few so called ‘committees’ are charging exorbitant fees from local vendors.
It is bitter truth in our state that every tourism promotion festivals are for wasting of public money by few individuals. For promoting tourism the price should be minimal or affordable, but it is vice- versa. It is not a welfare scheme but exploitation of tourists. Instead of wasting crores of public money for much hyped theory for nothing, these resources should be used in other sectors like road, education, health, agriculture and horticulture. If it does not have any theme or code of conduct, it better be stopped immediately. Otherwise our own people will waste their precious time, wealth and life too.
Marpe Lolen,