Orgs threaten economic blockades at strategic Assam-Arunachal check gates

PRC issue

Staff Reporter
NAMSAI, Feb 2: Agitation organisations in Lekang circle of Namsai district have expressed dissatisfaction with the meeting they had here on 1 February with the advisor to the chief minister, Tai Tagak, and said they might impose economic blockades at all strategic check gates of Arunachal Pradesh, including Banderdewa, if the government does not arrive at a decision soon over the granting of permanent resident certificates (PRC) to non-APSTs.
Speaking to this daily, United People’s Movement of Lekang (UPMoL) vice president Anirudhha Deori said all strategic entry gates would witness an economic blockade for at least 15-20 days if the government fails to take a decision within the next few days.
While Tagak did not divulge much about the meeting during his interaction with reporters in Namsai, Deori informed that the advisor said the joint high power committee (JHPC) would likely submit a report by 20 February, which would then be tabled for discussion in the upcoming assembly session.
“We were told we would get PRCs in the beginning of January. Now we are being told it will be discussed in February. We have been told the same things repeatedly over the years. Is this a joke to them?” Deori asked, and reiterated that all genuine long-residing non-APSTs are demanding PRCs before the 2019 elections.
“We want a written statement from the JHPC or the state government that we will be granted PRCs on a specific date, and before 20 February,” Deori said, adding, “if the PRC issue is not resolved before elections, we will not support the nomination of the local MLA (the deputy CM).”
He also asked: “Why did the chief minister and deputy chief minister make the announcement if they had no intention of granting us PRCs?
“If the chief minister and deputy chief minister reissue and grant us PRCs before the upcoming elections, the people of Lekang will erect statues of them and pray to them; but if they don’t, we shall burn their effigies,” he said.
Deori said a meeting is likely to be held between the agitating organisations and the JHPC to come up with an amicable solution, and invited all organisations to be a part of it to learn about the legitimacy of their demand.
In the meantime, the Lekang circle shutdown is still suspended, but may be put into place again in the next few days, informed Deori.
On 1 February, Tagak held a meeting with the organisations seeking PRCs, and had assured that the state government would do everything in its power to bring a proper solution to the issue.
“The state government on its part will do everything to solve the issue while keeping in mind the interests of the people of the state,” Tagak had said.