Delay in CMSSY teachers salary

Dear Editor,
This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards five months delay in disbursement of salary of the teachers under Chief Minister’s Samast Shiksha Yojna (CMSSY), Capital Complex.
We have been performing our duties with utmost sincerity and dedication since 12th September, 2018. Several inquiries and requests have been made and all sorts of assurances have been given by the authorities but every time the assurances turned out to be false.
Working hard without getting salary creates hindrances in managing our daily expenses as most of us are serving in two schools, we have to travel to and fro to our respective schools that too at locations far away from each other.
In fact, we are trying our level best to not to let our personal problems affect our profession but to give optimum level of output the employees need to be remunerated. All these challenges are affecting us mentally and enthusiasm towards our work and hopes are dwindling with each passing day.
In view of the above mentioned circumstances, we would like to request the authorities to look into this matter so that we could focus on our work and strive hard for the best.
Teachers of CMSSY