Awareness prog on drug abuse held

SOHA, Feb 16: The HOPE Foundation organized an awareness programme at Soha village in Tirap district to educate the villagers about the consequences of drug abuse and alcoholism.
Dr Waseem Ahmed threw light on the far-reaching health and social impacts of drug abuse and alcoholism, while the NGO’s chairperson, Komna Moidam, said adolescents are more vulnerable to drug addiction due to factors such as curiosity, peer pressure and pleasure.
The village’s chief (in-charge), Samthung Lowang, called for community participation in the fight against the menace of drugs, including opium.
“The escalating drug problem and alcohol addiction in the society is killing every opportunity that the government and the society offer for growth and development,” said a participant, Wangbon Moidan.
Some others said drug abuse and alcohol addiction are together putting a strain on the relationship between husbands and wives.
A documentary on the harmful effects of drug abuse and alcohol addiction was also screened.