Union alleges fund misappropriation

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 17: The Kargu Kardi Students’ Union (KKSU) has alleged misappropriation of fund to the tune of Rs 30,00,000 meant for the construction of an auditorium-cum-community hall in Liromoba town in West Siang district, claiming that the asset in question “does not exist.”
Also claiming that higher authorities have ignored repeated complaints from the union, the KKSU said it would stage a protest outside the deputy commissioner’s office in Aalo on 6 March.
Addressing reporters at the press club here on Sunday, KKSU president Tuko Gako said the auditorium was to be constructed by the district rural development agency (DRDA) under the 2016-17 social and infrastructure development fund (SIDF).
“The DRDA, Aalo, has paid a bill amounting to Rs 28,07,962 to the contractor for a building that does not even exist,” Gako said.
Presenting copies of RTI documents, Gako said the work commencement date of the auditorium reads 29 March, 2017, and its completion date reads 31 March, 2017.
“How can a building as large as an auditorium be constructed and completed in two days’ time?” he questioned, and said the already completed gaon burah dere’s (hall) photographs were shown as evidence of the completion of the auditorium.
In this regard, the KKSU wrote to the West Siang DC on 16 July, 2018, and on 6 February 2019, and to the chief secretary on 5 September, 2018, besides lodging a complaint at the Aalo police station on 14 July, 2018.
“We are yet to receive any communication in the matter,” Gako said.
The union is seeking action against the officials and individuals in charge of the project at the time, and is demanding that the fund be utilized for the intended project.
KKSU convenor Kenjom Gadi reiterated that if the authorities do not take appropriate action, the union would stage a peaceful protest outside the West Siang DC’s office on 6 March.
He appealed to student unions and NGOs of the district to support the cause and be a part of the protest.