Entrepreneurs unhappy at steep non-refundable fee for statehood stalls

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Feb 19: Some of the entrepreneurs setting up food stalls during the 33rd Statehood Day celebration at IG Park here have expressed displeasure over the capital complex administration’s increasing the non-refundable deposit fee to Rs 25,000.
According to an order, the non-refundable fee has been raised from Rs 5000 to Rs 25,000, with additional refundable fee of Rs 5000 for five days.
Those who are setting up other stalls also claimed that small, local entrepreneurs from the skill, handicrafts & handloom industries were earlier not charged any fee, but are being charged Rs 5000 this year.
However, the administration clarified that the fee has been increased taking into account factors such as the stall owners increasing the prices of food items, and the extension of the celebration because of the film festival.
The administration also said it wants to ensure that “only serious people get to set up stalls.”
“A portion of this deposit is refundable if they maintain cleanliness and good quality,” it said.