Org withdraws complaint against RHEP HoP

KIMIN, Mar 2: The Jumi, Komasiki Green Plus Society (JKGPS) here in Papum Pare district has withdrawn the complaint it had lodged against the head of project (HoP) of the Ranganadi Hydroelectric Project (RHEP) in Yazali on assurances that the HoP will release five lakh freshwater fish seeds downstream of the Panyor river after maintenance work on the RHEP is completed.
The JKGPS had filed a complaint at the police station here against the HoP, holding him responsible for the death of several varieties of fishes following the release of mud water downstream of the Panyor.
In a release on Saturday, the JKGPS said a meeting was held on 14 February at the NEEPCO head office, where “the HoP RHEP Yazali morally accepted that fishes had died in the downstream of the Panyor river due to release of mud water, and agreed to the strong demand of the JKCGPS to release five lakh freshwater fish seeds downstream after maintenance work is completed, that is, after the water becomes clean.”
The JKGPS also said the HoP and his team accepted in principle that forest resources and horticultural activities have been drastically destroyed in the downstream area due to the lowering of the water table.
To compensate for the decrease in the forest cover, “the RHEP HoP has assured to place an emergency fund with the JKCGPS for plantation of valuable trees in the downstream area, wherever necessary,” it informed. PTI