PPA president & secy gen get show cause notice; powers suspended

ITANAGAR, Mar 11: Show cause notices have been served to both the president and secretary general of the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) by the PPA’s Central Working Committee (CWC) chairman for their alleged ‘weak’ administration leading to tardy progress in party activities under their leaderships.
PPA’s CWC Chairman Kamen Ringu also suspended the power and functions of PPA president Kahfa Bengia and secretary general Kaling Jerang till clearance of the show cause notice.
Ringu said that the order has been issued as decided by the party’s state and district executive members based on the show cause notice.
The order also barred both the PPA leaders from deciding any party programme, policy and giving press statements till ‘further clearance of the show cause notice.’
The show cause notice, to be replied on or before 17 March, has been served to them by the CWC chairman “for attending the mass dharna organized by the Indian National Congress without taking the party’s CWC chairman and other executive members into confidence, for calling back the party whip, which was authorized
to Tame Papu, general secretary, PPA during the ZPC election of Kurung Kumey district, recommendation of party reorganization (state executive members) to the Election Commission of India without the acknowledgment of the CWC chairman and other executive members of the party, for not conducting people’s assembly in time though election commission has appointed PPA vice president Dugi Tajik for fresh election 2018-2021, for not conducting block and district level coordination meeting of executive members for 3 to 4 years, for not filling up rest of the vacant posts of the state executive members and other wings, like youth and women wings etc, and for unauthorized publication in the press condemning the chairman, CWC, PPA.”