Be the change

Dear Editor,
Let us decide in the 30 days who we should opt as a leader, not because they belong to your biased party or they are your relatives or brother but because of who they really are and how depth they understand the need of socio-economic development of our area and the vision they have for our constituency, state and the country as a whole. The ticking of a clock demands us our righteous stand for the upright cause for the under-developed people of the state. It is the hour we ask our consciousness that lives beneath our hearts who we should cast vote, accruing the full analysis that the candidate you are supporting in the upcoming election is worthy and deserve to be there. It is also to be noted the person you are with is caring, loving and understanding towards the need of people irrespective of your status and if the leader does not suffice the above characters, the candidate is no less than cunning person waiting for his or her share. However, some leaders believe in developing the infrastructures and roads but their bond with people is considerably weak. On the contrary, some leaders energize his people with ample of love and services leaving aside the constituency’s development. We seldom get a leader with both characters.
Since long voters have been lured with money and jobs by the candidates who themselves has a hidden motives to be in the MLA/MP Chair and because it has been the trend in the cycles of election, the voters still hope for the same in every election. The laws of paying the price is the human law which states that everyone does things for others in expectation of getting help back some day or the other. Being stated that, it is also pertinent to come up with a choice. To err is human-People are liable to make mistakes and lack some characteristics, it is we, the people, who should choose between the leaders, who would suffice the need of many and with whom the probability of getting the state developed is more. I urge the fellow voters to choose the right leader irrespective of political parties and be the part of change. All the best.
Bamang Hawayi