Eradicate corrupt practices

Dear Editor,
Arunachal Pradesh, the Land of the Rising Sun is losing its grandeur and beauty for many reasons. The British as well as the Ahom kings did not dare to venture into our territory because our ancestors were strong and courageous and held fast to their tribal principles. The ancient values and moral principles have eroded greatly. Our society is in a state of decay and is crumbling.
There are several reasons for the collapse of tribal values and ethos. But the most rampant reason for this sorry situation is corruption and easy flow of money acquired through corrupt practices. Corruption has been defined as the abuse of public office or influence, for private gain. It is not only about the wrong use of money, but also misuse of power.
It is not only about taking bribe in government offices, but also various forms of manipulation and blackmailing, political arm-twisting, pushing a particular party’s or ethnic groups’ political interests through underhanded ways, silencing the voices of the weaker communities, physical elimination of political opponents, interfering with the election process, purchasing votes by giving money and expensive gifts. Using goons and underground organizations to win elections, the list can go on Corruption deters development and progress. It creates inequality in the society and widens the gap between the rich and the poor. Are we going to be silent spectators to the corruption and corrupt practices taking place in Arunachal Pradesh?
Let us awaken and rise to root out corruption from Arunachal Pradesh. On December 16, 1966 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a ‘Declaration against Corruption and Bribery in International commercial transactions’.
A US document of 2000 says “Corruption has a corrosive impact on both market opportunities overseas and border business, It also deters, foreign investment, stifles economic growth and sustainable development, distorts prices undermines legal and judicial systems”.
John F. Kennedy on becoming the President of America said “the task ahead of us is great; it is not going to be achieved today or tomorrow…….but let us begin”. Fight against corruption is not easy, it is a gigantic task. Let us begin our fight against corruption.
The members of the Catholic Association of Arunachal Pradesh appeal to all the people of Arunachal Pradesh, particularly to the Christian community. Let us join together to fight corruption and make a corruption free Arunachal.
We appeal to all people of good will to fight against corruption, let us begin with the forth-coming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Let us not demand money from the candidates for casting our precious votes. Are you aware that an enormous amount is spent for purchasing votes? The money the candidates spend is public money, which is our money as we are the public. The money acquired through corrupt practices is looting public wealth. Because of the prevalent practice of bribing the voters, only a rich person can stand for elections. Good and honest leaders cannot contest elections because of lack of money.
So, say no to money, no to liquor, no to parties and elect good and honest candidates who will work for the development of all. In the name of election campaign several Mithuns and other animals are killed and thousands of litres of liquor emptied for sumptuous and extravagant parties.
Let us pledge, not to demand money from the candidates, so that, the money can be used for development. Let us ask for better road communication, education and health facilities, electrification and water supply and other projects that will bring about overall development in your area and in the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh.
It is high time that we all join together to eradicate corrupt practices from our beautiful Land of the Rising Sun. We appeal to every inhabitant of Arunachal Pradesh to extend support and co-operation to make this campaign a success.
Pekhi Nabam,
Secretary General,
Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Association