Let’s discourse and debate

Dear Editor,
As the Election is getting near the atmosphere in the state is heated up. This is the time when, people actually have ‘the voice’ and the ear at the helm are actually willing to listen. Therefore, those in the helm of the affairs should tighten their belt, and lead the aspirations, and direct the voice from the grassroots in the constructive direction.
This is the time for the discourse and self-introspection for all of us and decide what (actually) we want from our state, from our representative and for ourselves and our future. Instead of mobilising bias against each other or embroiling into political vendetta: better use the opportunity for a constructive debate. So, let’s eschew raucous criticism.
Leaders and the politically charged intellectuals must avoid squabbling and instead try fomenting public opinion through sane, clear and strong ideology and vision which is based on emancipation of all. Any vainglorious attitude, by writing thing or a two won’t make much difference, instead it is prosaic and tantamount to degeneration of the ‘Public Sphere’-which could be otherwise used more productively.
I would request all learned fellows to keep their rancour to themselves, and work for making our people intellectually and politically active. We should not let the “mass-produced bias ideologies or manipulated-manufactured opinions” to infiltrate our critical consciousness. We should keep our intellectual autonomy of critical judgment intact- debate, decide and choose the best for our Arunachal.
Nyatum Doke,
Lower Siang