Think before you vote

Dear Editor,
Election is a function of democracy. Therefore, during the election process, our leaders need to adopt right thinking, with a vision for socioeconomic development of the people, avoiding election-based issues.
We need to choose the right-thinking persons to resolve a contentious issue like, say, poverty eradication. Our voters, on the other hand, should not only concentrate on positive thinking but also on realistic thinking, ie, practical thinking, which will help us bring about our own success. We should look at both sides of a coin. Only looking at one dimension cannot really give us the full picture. Thinking is, therefore, an important factor in solving problems without following the path of violence.
When we create violence, it multiplies. We know that every problem has its complexities which do not have a quick-fix solution like violence. So, as voters, we should adopt strategic thinking on the parties’ manifestos in order to achieve time-bound solutions after the elections.
According to the social doctrine, the culture of a society is the way of life of its members which transits from generation to generation. We should think about secular coexistence of all communities, work in accordance with the laws, and avoid ego issues. I hope that by adopting right thinking our voters will bring about a true election process in Arunachal.
CI Mannou, Chongkham