More cars, lesser space

Dear Editor,
Has it always been like this or am I the only one stuck in traffic every now and then?
Itanagar and Naharlagun, the twin capital of Arunachal Pradesh, have so many problems, and one of them is the congested roads.
Why do I think that after the recent elections the number of vehicles that can be seen on the roads has increased to an extent we have never witnessed before?
Four-lane roads are coming up, but I see that most parts of the road have become parking lots.
Right from Zero Point to Chandranagar, via secretariat and Ganga, vehicles are parked on both sides of the road haphazardly. The vehicle owners, or say, the drivers, don’t care if they’ve properly parked their vehicles.
The pedestrians don’t get enough space. The drivers and the riders break the traffic rules recklessly. It gets even worse to overcome the traffic jam during emergencies.
There are other places in India where the population is more than ours, but I guess the roads are emptier than ours, too.
Is there a solution to this? Can the government take steps to decrease the number of vehicles? Can the people of our state be more organized? And when are the promised roads coming up? The city is getting denser year by year, and with it the living conditions are getting worse.
Kodak Bagnu